How to List

  Gunslinger is one of the simplest ways to safely sell your used guns and gun accessories.  Anyone can list their items for FREE.  All that needs to be done is to complete the Seller Registration Form.  Give us a little information about you, so we can let you know when your item has a buyer.  Next, let the buyers know how much you are asking for your item, add a brief description or why you’re selling and upload some pictures to show it off.  That’s it.  Now you wait.  If you sell your items elsewhere or just change your mind, no problem.  Simply let us know and we will remove the listing.

                Once someone is interested in your item they may have a question or two, but don’t worry your information is safe with us and we never give it out.  We will relay the message and let you know when to bring it in and get your money.  While the listings are FREE we do collect 10% of the item’s listing price.  This helps us keep things rolling smoothly and not having any membership fees or for anything else. 

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